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Bohally Intermediate master plan


A new campus will be built at College Park for Bohally Intermediate School.

This will be one of the first construction stages of Te Tātoru o Wairau, and will create space for Marlborough Boys’ and Girls’ Colleges to co-locate on McLauchlan Street.

Construction of the intermediate can be progressed independently of the co-located colleges. Once completed this offers the opportunity for the existing Bohally site to be cleared for the colleges’ build, or to be retained for temporary use by the colleges during construction of the co-located campus.

Marlborough District Council’s sublease on College Park expires in 2028. MDC has agreed to terminate its lease early and to build a new artificial turf on the co-located colleges’ campus.

Bohally will continue to operate at its current campus until construction of the new campus at College Park has been completed. This will ensure that teaching and learning at the school isn’t disrupted during construction.

Marlborough Boys’ College will continue to use the College Park sports fields throughout construction of the intermediate campus, though the artificial turf will no longer be available.

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Construction of a new artificial hockey turf at the Co-located Colleges’ campus will begin in 2023. Once completed, the existing turf at College Park will be removed to make way for construction to begin on the new Intermediate campus.

The central Noninga Kumu space is a contemporary Māori heart to the School campus that is welcoming to all. The campus will feature Whare Akoranga - Learning Hubs. Each Hub will contain four classrooms and a flexible shared common learning area. The school campus also features specialised Te Reo, Science, Art and Music spaces.

Bohally’s master plan mirrors the existing College Park site – fields remain to the south while built structures occupy the northern half of the site.

The new campus will feature a larger Whare Tapere - Hall than what the school currently has, providing better space for indoor sports.

The master plan includes space for an additional Whare Akoranga to accommodate future roll growth at the school.

Marlborough Technology Centre
The Marlborough Technology Centre will remain at its current location throughout construction of the Intermediate and Co-located Colleges. This will enable the Technology Centre to continue serving all client schools and manage traffic flow.

Acoustics and site security have been addressed in the master plan.

The use of a central courtyard will provide a good noise buffer to neighbouring properties, while good sightlines throughout the school will allow for ease of surveillance on-site.

Secondary access
The purchase of a residential property on Redwood Street provides the campus with a second entrance.
The landscape design for this entrance will provide a wetland pathway that will enhance the neighbouring area.

Traffic management
Traffic management for the campus will include the creation of a school zone with reduced speed limits, together with enhanced pedestrian crossings at Scott Street and Redwood Street.

The campus will incorporate a third more area for bike parking.

Bohally Cultural Diagram -LR.png

Cultural narrative and
influence on the built environment

Ngāti Kuia, Ngāti Rārua, Ngāti Toa Rangatira and Rangitāne o Wairau identified significant local sites within the Wairau cultural landscape, taonga tuku iho – narratives, important cultural concepts, and aspirations for how the project uara can be realised within the physical environment.

The overlaying of significant sites support the ability for the schools and iwi to host manuhiri/visitors and enable the tikanga and kawa of local iwi to be celebrated within the process of mihi whakatau and formal pōwhiri ceremonies, along with broader learning activities while also telling the narratives of the surrounding landscape.

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