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Today's learners.

Tomorrow's leaders.



Photo: Josh Thomas, Marlborough Boys' College

We're working to ensure students at both colleges have the skills and attributes to tackle existing and future challenges to make our community, our nation and our world a better place.


Widespread public consultation in 2017 helped the colleges to ensure that future planning for the schools reflects the needs and aspirations of our community.


This consultation, which took place through public meetings, a survey and other communication channels, enabled us to develop an Education Brief for the Ministry of Education.


The Brief defines how the schools will operate on a shared campus and how learning at the colleges can remain relevant to changes in technology, to future careers, to our community's expectations and aspirations for learners, and to learners' own aspirations and expectations.


In 2019, informed by the Education Minister’s announcement that the schools would be located on McLauchlan St, the Brief was refreshed and updated to reflect the requirements of this chosen site, and of developments within New Zealand education and the National Curriculum since the Brief was last finalised.

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