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  • Where should members of the public go for information about the project?
    Updates will be shared on and through the iwi, Ministry and schools’ newsletters and pānui to members and communities. You can sign up to receive updates here. As the project progresses, there will be specific events and forums for the community to learn about the project and get involved.
  • How will the community ensure the design of the schools reflects the local culture and community?
    Together with iwi and the Ministry, we are committed to partnering with industry and community groups to create a lasting community legacy, and welcome the opportunity to ensure our new schools reflect the wishes and aspirations of our young people, as well as the stories and culture of our community and region.
  • What is master planning?
    Master planning is the development of the big picture of how the project is put together and executed. It includes how the schools and campuses will function both during the project and on its completion, as well as how the actual construction process will work. This includes the staging process – how and in what order will work be done, to maximise efficiency and minimise disruption to teaching and learning. It’s crucial that we get the master planning right, and this phase is likely to take most of this year. We all want the best education possible for Marlborough’s learners, and as little disruption as possible to students and staff once earthworks and construction begin.
  • How will the community be involved in master planning?
    Master planning will draw on and continue the consultation that has already been held with the community.
  • Once the master planning is finished, how long will construction take?"
    The construction phase, including its duration, will be mapped out during the master planning phase. It’s too early to say how long the project will take to build, but it will be a number of years.
  • When will design commence?
    This is a large and complex project, and based on the procurement timeline, we expect design to commence following the completion of master planning in 2021.
  • When will the new schools open?
    We’ll share details around the construction timeframes once master planning has progressed and we have worked through a programme for delivery.
  • I am a local sub-contractor. How can I be involved in the project?
    We are seeking to build the local workforce on this project. A key part of the construction contract is a requirement to use local skills, labour, materials and equipment where possible.
  • How will this project help to build the local workforce?
    The project will support the Top of the South Island in its post-COVID recovery by anchoring infrastructure activity, and ensure Marlborough has the skilled workforce it needs to thrive longer term. The Ministry anticipates construction activity will provide apprenticeships for local students, and procurement practices will support Marlborough businesses. In the longer term, stronger links with industry and clearer employment pathways will encourage young people to stay in Marlborough.
  • What contract model will be used to deliver the Project?
    Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) is the Ministry’s preferred delivery model for the project. ECI involves engaging a lead contractor early, at the same time as the design partners. In other models, the contractor engaged to deliver construction is not engaged until much later in the project. Under the ECI approach, the contractor will be working with iwi, the Ministry and schools throughout design development and will bring their specialist knowledge to construction planning activities – for example how to stage and phase the project. This also provides the contractor with sufficient time to connect with the local industry and build their supply chain while design is progressing.
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