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Ako Arotahinga
Student-centred learning

E whai ana tātou ki ngā kete aronui kia whakaohooho i ngā ākonga katoa.

We’re creating a learning environment where students are inspired and supported to be the best they can be.

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What space will be required
to enable the aspiration?


  • Multi-use, flexible, purposeful spaces for learning providing a range of learning spaces that meet students’ diverse learning needs.

  • Breakout spaces for small group work and 1:1 mentoring.

  • Quiet and private spaces to meet individual needs of students, scattered throughout all learning spaces.

  • Seamless access to the schools’ resources, including access to physical buildings, equipment, ICT, software etc.

  • Provision for storage of student work, particularly for problem, project and hands on construction based learning.

  • Well designed and resourced ‘library learning space’.

  • Display areas for student work.

  • Performance spaces both inside and outside.

How will we achieve
the aspiration?


  • Encourage the development of programmes that allow students to co-construct learning programmes so that they use their own culture, background and experiences to help empathise with others.

  • Encourage risk taking in our teaching staff through their teaching inquiries so that they can meet the needs of a wide range of students.

  • Encourage the sharing of pedagogy through professional discussion to de-privatise teaching practice and encourage collaboration.

  • Increase real world learning contexts by partnering with community and local industry.

  • For example, ICT support for students is facilitated by a team of student T-Wiz, Technical support (lighting sound website etc) aspects of performance and productions are led/managed by students.

  • Strong coaching/mentoring of students to support positive choices related to relevant pathways and the student’s aspiration.

Personalisation of programmes and learner agency are a priority, to enable students to access learning at their curriculum level rather than based on chronological age.

Pedagogies will offer a variety of learning experiences and encourage students to reflect on their own learning.

Curriculum delivery reflects both the students’ own experiences and provides the key dispositions, skill and knowledge that will empower them to thrive into their future.

Photo: April Spence, Marlborough Girls' College

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